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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Christmas Shopping 2.0

Christmas is here and all too quickly at that. Seems only yesterday that we were taking down our outdoor Christmas lights and now we're putting them up again.

I love Christmas more than the average person. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year for me. But I must admit, I've grown to hate the massively frustrating traffic that has become as much a marker of the season as puto bumbong. The result is hurried Christmas shopping that more often than not yields mediocre to downright thoughtless gifts.

So, this year I'm sticking to online gift shopping. Yes, it can be a bit scary to shop online where scammers abound so I'm sticking to mainstream sites like Lazada. And as if hassle-free online shopping wasn't Christmas-sy enough, Lazada is having an incredibly wild sale from November 11 to December 12 with discounts of up to 95%.

But wait, there's more! LOL

Starting today, November 4, selected items are priced at P11. Yes, Eleven Pesos each. You can get a flash drive, a power bank, or a shoe rack for only 11 bucks.

Look out for daily announcements on lazadaph (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) at 11:11 in the morning for the items on sale for P11.

Quite thrilling, huh? Who says online shopping is boring?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Long live this Patintera

OK, for the nth time, I'm resurrecting this blog.

What can I say? You get to a certain age when you don't want to hop from one platform to another anymore and you just want to stay with one that's been there for you the longest, has all your good memories, and can still keep up with your present state of mind. Cue weird looks from the reader.

Ang totoo nito, gusto ko nang ibalik yung dahilan kung bakit ko naman talaga sinimulan ang blog na ito, at yan ay para pagyamanin ang pagsusulat ko sa wikang kinasayanan ko, ang wikang kinalakihan ko, ang wikang Tagalog. Hindi ako kasinggaling ng mga magulang ko at mga nakatatanda pero nauunawaan ko naman sila kung minsa'y napapalalim sila ng Tagalog. Nililinaw ko lang na hindi yan ang paksa ng blog ko kundi medium lamang.

Kaya tatapusin ko na itong entry para makapagsulat na tungkol sa ibang bagay.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Treading Lupang Hinirang

Our national anthem has become a controversial matter because of Pacquiao's chosen singers. Yet, I haven't heard anything from the NHCP about the "Lupang Hinirang" music videos of the two giant TV networks. So I've decided to pick on them myself.



Monday, February 28, 2011

Burritos Apart

I love a good burrito and I'm not particular with any place that serves it either. I've probably eaten most of my burritos from Miggy's Super Tacos, when they still had a branch close to our house. (By the way, I just looked at their Facebook page and it seems they only have one branch left and that's somewhere deep in Parañaque. Heaven knows I won't be lingering that vicinity anytime soon so I get my fill from the other Mexican fastfood joints in the city.) But recently, I took my bestfriend to Mexicali. She's not into Mexican food so it was primarily a favor for me that she agreed. I was only too happy about having a burrito and eating it, too.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lesson in Privilege

Last Monday, October 25th, was the barangay elections and if you know anything about Pinoy culture, you'll know that we're a clannish bunch. So in essence, whether you get along with each other or not, around election time you best be sure to get on your relatives' good side. But even of you don't, they will surely vote for you anyway so you'd owe them something in return. What? It's true.

Although my family has lived in our part of town for three generations, we've kept our quantity to the bare minimum. I say this because houses on our street sharing last names are spread end to end--you'll miss our section if you so much as blink. It's one of the major reasons why my cousin didn't win a seat in the barangay council. But God, in His great wisdom, showed me that there's always something more remarkable to behold in these turns of events.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Great Ube Snack is Never Pricey

Bread Room's ube bars are a rich heavenly surprise!

Every sweet tooth needs just a little hit according to one U2 song and we all know they speak the truth.

Someone told me before that Singapore is a "bread-eating country". I like breads, too, so when I was living there I was always stopping by the bakeries--more commonly referred to by the locals as "confectionery shop"--just to get a brownie, custard puff, muffin, crepe, or whatever soft and sweet treat. I was always a willing victim to the next worthy breadiction. It's no wonder then that on a recent visit to my best friend's house, I found a new favorite and haven't stopped bugging her about it since.

We weren't really paying attention to them that afternoon but I guess we were hungry so we thought we'd take a bite of these ube-colored mini-cakes. They were wrapped in plain blue plastic bags, the kind they use at the palengke, so not much was expected either. However, one bite quickly turned into a few pieces consumed. In a few minutes, the ube bread has landed on our palates and redeemed the neighborhood bakery. How can something so delightful not come from a fancy mall?

This really was a pleasant discovery for me because: 1) it was very rich and you could really taste the ube sweetness; 2) it was soft and moist, just like those Red Ribbon ube cakes; 3) they were from a small humble bakery in an obscure corner of the city; and 4) they were very cheap at PHP4 apiece!

I later found out that the mini-cake is called an ube bar and that many panaderias make them. But I bet none of them can match the ube bar sold at Bread Room bakery on Gatchalian Avenue, Parañaque City. Get yourselves some comfort food that doesn't cause discomfort to your budget. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The 5 Good Things About Manila (Before Lim Resurfaced and Destroyed It All)

I was really hoping the old geezer would be shut out of the mayoralty race last month but it seems Manileños are blind to progress. They want someone with no real plan other than to run an urban zone--the nation's capital for Pete's sake--like a post-civilization tribe. Now, we have a once-thriving city with more shabby reeking corners than ever. Forget commercial areas, that underpass is supposed to have crumbling floors, and promenade ain't but a cold drink sold in the middle of now jammed streets that used to be for pedestrians only. Any and all kinds of aesthetic reminders of the previous administration are to be dismantled and replaced with...nothing. Wait, strike that, he's replaced them with statues of just about everybody from his kindergarten class right on Roxas Boulevard. And then he gets them inaugurated on Monday morning rush hour! Don't you see? The man is the city's number one vandal! What commerce? What order? Manila is his playground and he'll mess it up where and when he wants to.

Sorry I get all emotional. It's because I really have fond memories from college of walking down TM Kalaw, UN Avenue or even Mabini and discovering pleasant surprises. I'm glad I did that when it was safer to do so. Here are is my list of five things Manila is missing now. Please feel free to share yours if you have 'em, too.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Last Sunday evening, I walked into the 7-Eleven near my house to get myself a cold drink...because it's been insufferably hot in hurr. I was immediately reminded how this particular outlet is unapologetically substandard: both the juice and soft drink dispensers weren't running--in April! I was a lost sale until on my way out I caught sight of the ice cream display freezer to so I thought, "Oh, what the heck." Then I saw this:

So it's a tub of ice cream, so what? That's no tub. Just look at how small it is: