Monday, April 02, 2012

Presenting WhiteHat Copy!

Makes me feel warm and fuzzy that this blog still gets views after all these months.

I've been busy with a new venture. We've started a corporate writing consultancy and you can check us out at

See you there!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Treading Lupang Hinirang

Our national anthem has become a controversial matter because of Pacquiao's chosen singers. Yet, I haven't heard anything from the NHCP about the "Lupang Hinirang" music videos of the two giant TV networks. So I've decided to pick on them myself.



If I'm not mistaken, GMA Network came out with it's own LH video first. I thought that was a great and thoughtful thing to do in terms of a media entity taking control of its field of influence. Unfortunately, their actors don't impress so let's just forget about the casting. And neither does the cinematography.

Since they used a historical approach, they used low saturation for colors--it worked. But the problem of lighting is, again, unforgivable. Why is it that they always have fully illuminated scenes? What's keeping them from toning it down a bit? You see this in ALL their shows. It's almost all like everything's glamour/publicity shot like the way Michael Bay makes U.S. Army recruitment videos. (What? You ever see any of his movies? Don't be misled.) If these "artistas" weren't in period costume, would you ever think this was anything about Philippine history?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Burritos Apart

I love a good burrito and I'm not particular with any place that serves it either. I've probably eaten most of my burritos from Miggy's Super Tacos, when they still had a branch close to our house. (By the way, I just looked at their Facebook page and it seems they only have one branch left and that's somewhere deep in ParaƱaque. Heaven knows I won't be lingering that vicinity anytime soon so I get my fill from the other Mexican fastfood joints in the city.) But recently, I took my bestfriend to Mexicali. She's not into Mexican food so it was primarily a favor for me that she agreed. I was only too happy about having a burrito and eating it, too.

The Mexicali burrito I has was not very good. How helpful is that description? LOL Seriously, it needs help. It's OK for someone like me who would eat a burrito anytime, any day, but that roast beef one has no flavor. And the way they packed the filling is sloppy. I had to be careful not to make a mess with bits of rice and meat dripping down my fingers. Thank goodness this wasn't fine dining. No photos of the food, readers. I was crosseyed from starving to pause and memorialize that thing. They still come with a side of nachos though, albeit reduced to an insignificant number of pieces.

Another place where I've had my most recent burrito, as a special treat from the bestie, is Army Navy. (This one at Harbor Square on Manila Bay fits right in with the PNHQ a stone's throw away.) I've been curious about the place since I would walk past their store on Dela Rosa on the way home. So after weeks of planning, we finally had lunch at Army Navy's CCP location.

This branch sat on a deck that offers a fantastic view of the bay.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Michael Who?

'Michael' comes out December 14
Sony Music has once again reached down into their huge barrel of Michael Jackson recordings to release a new compilation which they are, in my opinion, brazenly calling "Michael". Yeah, right.

The first single "Breaking News" is NOT Michael. I don't understand what is driving these so-called friends of MJ to claim this and keep pushing this song when there's tons of other masters to use.

Really, Teddy? Really? Shame.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lesson in Privilege

Last Monday, October 25th, was the barangay elections and if you know anything about Pinoy culture, you'll know that we're a clannish bunch. So in essence, whether you get along with each other or not, around election time you best be sure to get on your relatives' good side. But even of you don't, they will surely vote for you anyway so you'd owe them something in return. What? It's true.

Although my family has lived in our part of town for three generations, we've kept our quantity to the bare minimum. I say this because houses on our street sharing last names are spread end to end--you'll miss our section if you so much as blink. It's one of the major reasons why my cousin didn't win a seat in the barangay council. But God, in His great wisdom, showed me that there's always something more remarkable to behold in these turns of events.